Need a Mechanic? Here Are 5 Ways to Pick One You Can Trust

Recently a man dropped his car off at dealership that was known and trusted in for auto repair mesa. He hid a voice recorder in the box of his sports car. It might have been a little bit unconventional, but he wanted to make sure his car was in good hands. When he picked up his car he immediately listened to the voice recorder. Inside was evidence that the mechanics working on the supped up auto were out joyriding. To add insult to injury, they didn’t know how to properly drive a stick-shift and damaged the clutch.

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They charged the owner for the bum clutch. When the customer service department wouldn’t resolve his issue, he turned to social media to write his wrong. The fact is that there are horror stories like this that happen every day. It’s just hard to trust an auto mechanic. There are great workers out there who will do right by your auto, but you have to wade through the rubbish to find a good one. Here are four tips to ensure that you find a good mechanic.

They must have Certifications

Always look for an establishment that is certified by the ASE. This means that they have passed the criteria to put the ASE’s name on the door, and they also have at least two years of experience in the automotive repair industry.

Check the Companies Reputation

Work of mouth is the best advertising there is. Rather than just looking for local recommendations, go to the internet. Sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can help steer you clear of any bad mechanics.

Go with a Site That’s Affiliated

An affiliated site is one that works with the AAA, or American Auto Insurance Company. The AAA pre-screens their shops for quality service. They must sign an agreement and have high-quality performance records before they can be a member.

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Use Gut Instincts

Your gut instincts will usually not steer you in the wrong direction. If the situation doesn’t feel right don’t allow them access to your vehicle.

A mechanic that is trustworthy will typically explain the problem and show proof that the issue needs to be addressed. Some mechanics who are trustworthy will even allow you to watch while they do some work. A mechanic that is apprehensive and won’t allow you to look under the hood should not be trusted. If they have nothing to hide then it won’t bother them to allow you to have a look.