Stag Parties

Also known as Bachelor parties, stag parties are celebrations that a man’s friends throw for him before his wedding day. The name comes from the fact that during ancient times the word “stag” referred to any male animal, and so a stag party literally translated to mean “a party of men”.

To many people this celebration is seen as the last major party that a man has before reciting his vows, his last night of ultimate freedom before settling down and tying the knot, and as such involves many common traditions. The first thing that is in many ways an unspoken rule regarding stag parties is that it is strictly a male-only gathering where no one is to bring their significant other, especially the groom to be. These parties also tend to serve a great deal of alcohol to ensure that everyone has a fun time. Whether the event is hosted at home, at a nightclub, or any other venue where alcohol is served you can guarantee that a large amount of drinking is going to be involved in the night’s plans.

These parties are often quite expensive due to this and the fact that, although the party is in his honor, the groom is typically the one who pays for any of the night’s festivities. This includes any activities that the group chooses to go do, any food and drink that is consumed, as well as the groups method of transportation. The more people that go, the more costly it is. It is also common for the friends of the groom to bring him gifts on this day as well. These can be something special and memorable but often they are small novelty gag gifts that are given just for the sake of making them laugh.